We believe global sustainability matters!

Sustainability is about looking after our world and the human-race for the ‘long-term’. It is about the careful stewardship of the planet as a whole – for ever.

We seek to inspire people to think about things in a holistic way.

Our planet, our economies, our societies and, especially, our people…are fundamental to the concept of ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Sustainable Development’.

‘Global Sustainability Matters’ is the website of The Institution of Sustainability Professionals (ISP) which  is a non-political professional organisation that is seeking to inspire everyone to recognise these links and together make a real difference.

We think global health matters. Our new major campaign is based on ‘Global Health…from planet to people’. See  webgh.org

We believe in a new style of ‘Professional Institution’ which seeks to further the knowledge and practice of sustainable policy, development and working – by providing free ‘Subscriber Membership’ to all those who wish to explore, use and be inspired by our website. Our operations are supported by volunteers and Patreon Subscription Supportors see https://www.patreon.com/Webisp

If you share our values…join us!

We also provide professional, associate and student membership for anyone working or studying with an interest in sustainability – whether it is just a small part of your job…or it is the whole of your job.